I gladly and confidently recommend Jele for treatments on horses, humans, and dogs. I go to her for treatments myself. In her treatments she works with dedication and good intentions, with full respect and support for the recipient. She is dedicated to her work and to broadening her knowledge, so she is continuously seeking further education. At the same time, she uses different techniques for self-improvement, which makes her an excellent shiatsu practitioner. The greatest pleasure of a teacher is when her student surpasses her! 🙂

Vedrana Ivčević, The School of Equine Shiatsu, Senior Instructor

I have been working with Jele since 2015, at a time when she was still a student at the School of Equine Shiatsu. It is my great pleasure to work with people who are willing and open to invest in the progress / expansion of their knowledge and skills. And Jele is that type of person… we went through a lot of problems and different horses. I have always considered Jele a member of my team whose main goal has always been the welfare of the horse. Sports training has a big impact on the body and “mind” of the horse. Shiatsu helped me gain a better insight into the horse’s needs and training process. Thanks, Jele! All my horses and me.

Gordana Pavić, professional rider, trainer (FEI level 1-3), chiropractor for horses

I have been recieving shiatsu treatments from Jele since 2017. Jele’s treatments have helped me become more aware of my body’s messages and the energy in and around me.
They have also helped my body release tension so I could better process the complex emotional and mental “plugs” within myself.
My horses Lino and Bowie are also Jele’s regular clients and I can see how much it benefits them. She especially helps Lino with his anxiety and worry, and Bowie with his physical and emotional tensions. In addition Jele’s sensitivity and knowledge, her feedback can help everyone gain a different insight and understanding of what is happening, whether it is a human or an animal.

Maja Živanović, Projekt Jednorog - holistic horsemanship

When Strujica came into the hands of his current owners, he was an eight-year-old stallion of the Lipizzaner breed who fell into a vicious circle of bad habits. Due to youthful energy combined with stallion hormones, he became increasingly difficult to “handle”. The harder it was to handle him, the less he left his stall… and the less he left his stall, that chaotic energy accumulated. That vicious circle eventually led to Strujica not leaving the stall at all. He became simply too dangerous. After he came to his current owners, castration and a regular turnout regime, Strujica slowly began to relax and allow people to approach him. But Strujica still did not see anything positive about humans and did not enjoy human touch, which was especially pronounced around ​​the hind legs, which he vigorously defended from any touch. In the first few Shiatsu treatments, Jele had to do a very dinamic treatment with great with great caution, so that Strujica would not get bored, but also so that she would not touch him ina wrong place (according to him). It really seemed difficult and without much progress. But after about the fifth treatment, everything that we thought not possible suddenly became a reality. Strujica allowed Jele, one fine sunny day, to touch every bit of his body while remaining calm and relaxed throughout the treatment – which was completely unthinkable until then. This relaxed calmness became more frequent in everyday work with Strujica, until one day (and we don’t even know when), Strujek’s became a calm and relaxed horse. Today, Strujica is a horse that can and knows everything, and we are all especially proud that Jela’s son is taking his first riding lessons on Strujica. With hard work, Strujica became an “obedient” horse and Shiatsu treatments allowed him to clearly express all his emotions and created a channel through which Strujica started to communicate with people. Today, Strujica enjoys treatments several times a year, in which, in addition to the pleasure they obviously create for him, he has the opportunity to communicate any physical discomfort in his body.

Ivana Pozojević, owner of the Lipi Cavallo Ranch