Communicate and train your horse through movement of energy

1-2 July 2023
Ranch 7 Stables and more
Istria Kringa
Marjolein Curry & Jele Dominis

This two-day workshop is a unique way to experience how you can use your own body/energy awareness to work with your horse without using force, to communicate with your horse and to relax your horse so he is able to work with you. In this workshop we’ll show you how to mentally and physically detect tension and help yourself and the horse release tension. The work through movement teaches us how to influence and create more inner calmness, balance, stretch and flexibility .
Learning how to read your own body and relax it to be able to help your horse relax and work with you is one of the most rewarding things .

Saturday 10 am – 6 pm with lunch break

In the morning Jele will introduce body awareness through breathing exercises and stretching exercises. You will learn how to release tension, clear your mind and get grounded. How this affects your relationship with the horse and why it’s so important.
After lunch we will do a short exercise and then Marjolein will introduce the principles of synchronic movements and energy and guide you through practical work with horses.

Sunday 9am –  5 pm with lunch break

We start with some exercises and you continue building up on what you have learned on the first day with horses.

Each participant will have a horse to work with on both days.
For those who are already familiar with Marjolein’s and Jele’s work can go a step further.

The workshop includes: horses to work with, sleeping place with kitchen and bathroom, swimming pool, lunch. In the evening we all eat out.

Price: 350Eur
Booking is required as the number of participants is limited. You can make reservations by making a 150Eur deposit by 25 June 2023. For booking and additional information please contact:  // +385 98 30 66 64  // +385 98 722 381
Fb 7stables and more

Only 6 places available, as small groups ensure that everyone gets quality time for learning and practicing.

Marjolein Curry is a horse trainer specializing in instincts energy and behaviour of the horse, balanced  dressage for human and horse and use of energy and body awareness in horse training. You can find more information about Horse Riding and Training Centre – Seven Stables” at

“Less is more” when you are aware of the senses of the horse.

Equine Shiatsu foundation course in Croatia

3  DAY FOUNDATION COURSE | 6 – 8 October 2023
Friday 5-8pm | Saturday 10am-6pm | Sunday 10am-6pm

Shiatsu is a comprehensive system of natural therapy based on the principles of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. It was created as a combination of knowledge in human shiatsu therapy and horse acupuncture. It focuses on finding the causes of problems (inner imbalances) instead of just treating the symptoms. By regulating the flow of energy (Qi) through the channels (meridians) balance and vitality are restored to the body which improves general condition and health of horses.
During the Foundation Course you will familiarize yourself with shiatsu as a therapy, find out in which cases shiatsu benefits horses and get first-hand insight into how shiatsu functions. You will do a practical work on humans and horses and learn how to relax your horse through simple hand and finger pressures, stretches, light rotations and touch. You will acquire enough knowledge and skills to be able to give a relaxation treatment to your horse. The Foundation Course is intended for horse owners, but also for those who are in contact with horses and wish to build a deeper relationship with them (riders, trainers, therapeutic riding instructors…).
The course is led by Vedrana Ivčević, dip SES and Jele Dominis, dip SES.

Location: Zagreb
Cost: 280 €
Booking is required. The number of participants is limited.
You can make your reservation by making a 80 € deposit and filling out this form

The School of Equine Shiatsu, Croatia

New generation starts Feb 2025

The school in Croatia is part of The School of Equine Shiatsu (England); it follows the same programme and abides by the high standards set by the main school. The School of Equine Shiatsu has been educating shiatsu practitioners for horses for over 15 years and is one of the founders of The Equine Shiatsu Association (tESA). The students who finish the school in Croatia receive the identical diploma as the students who finish education in England and are entitled to become members of tESA. The next group will start in February 2025.

The education is organized through weekend modules (24 weekends) so that it can be coordinated with other business and private obligations. Over those two and a half years there is a lot of practical work with people and horses. The students acquire eastern knowledges as well as knowledge in anatomy, physiology, pathology and horse behaviour.

For more information on syllabus, prices and payment details… contact us.

For booking and additional information: