About Jele

I have lived with horses, dogs and various other animals all my life. My childhood dream was to become Dr Doolittle – though there was no school for that – or so it seemed. In 2014 I had my first Shiatsu treatment and the first thing I thought after the treatment was: “wow, this could be great for horses!” I found the School of Equine Shiatsu in England and while waiting for the School to come to me to Croatia I started my Shiatsu journey through human Shiatsu. In 2016 I enrolled as the first generation of students in the School of Equine Shiatsu in Croatia and became a certified practitioner in 2019. I have continued with my human Shiatsu through weekend seminars. I also continued my education for horses and dogs with Craniosacral courses at the Holistic Animal Studies.
Through my bodywork I am able to support horses, humans and dogs restore balance in their bodies and their minds. I love working with both horse and rider or dog and owner as we influence each other so much – so the treatments are so much more effective if both parties get involved.