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inward tranquility in the midst of action

Shiatsu works to relax the body and enable unrestricted energy flow. It gives us support to become more aware of our own bodies, of areas of tension, pain or weakness on either physical or emotional levels. This awareness often leads to personal growth and improvement through exercising, dietary changes and lifestyle changes – for us as well as for our horses and thus healing occurs. As horse and rider together make a team, imbalances in one affect the other. In our experience the best results are achieved when both horse and rider have treatments. Of course as our horses are regularly exercised and we tend to take great care of their nutritional needs, so should we horse owners/riders do the same for ourselves.

Equine Craniosacral Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive touch therapy that releases restrictions deep in the body. It works with the cranium, the spine, the sacrumand all of its fascial connections, including the extremities. The core link (Craniosacral system) houses, protects and nourishes the Central Nervous System which has the most influence over the body’s ability to function properly. All horses experience pressure to the cranium through bridles, halters, pulling back, etc. Pressure on the cranium (the skull) can often set up compensatory patterns in muscles which significantly influence the overall bio-mechanics of the horse. EQCST helps to retain or reinstate the integrity of the horse’s system in a very gentle way.

2-day workshop

27-28 November 2021

Ranch 7 Stables and more
Istria Kringa
Price: 2250 kn (300Eur)

Booking is required.

3 year diploma course
February 2022 – November 2024

WHERE? Zagreb
HOW MUCH? 36000kn

Participation in the Foundation Course is required. The number of participants is limited.